Business Developement

Entrepreneur Inception Services

We focus in providing the turn key services in Inception , Set Up & completion of Business Model for new business owners/ start ups. We act as a pivotal point in being an epitome in perfectly executing the business set up and expansion plans. Our technical team makes end to end prototype & procedures in setting up an organization. We ensure our client requirement is accurately addressed and completed with their utmost satisfaction.

"We give life and live the dream of our clients to bring them to Reality"

Business Operations, Execution

The Workfreaks team help the new business owners as well the exisiting entrepreneurs in growth and devlopment in the Corporate sector. Our team works with the client closely in formalizing the legal procedures in company registration as per the credential , set up , certification from the government authorities , registering with the Central government and excise duty as well as enrolling for a service certificate as per the nature of business.

We are equipped with the latest state of art technology in executing the plan with layout designers , engineers and the skilled workforce in prime location favourable to the business and its growth.

Infrastructure Planning, Designing, & Expansion

Our technical team help the new business owners / Start Ups in acquiring the right design as per the business blue print and ensure complete sophistication and satisfaction in the infrastructure model with connection to location , facilities and other services required for the clients as per the nature of business.

We practice a unique tried , tested and proven model to plan , design , analyse , test and execute as per the specific requirements of the clients. We believe in perfection and scalability in business development and expansion.

Training & Team Bonding Workshops

Workfreaks Consultants provide on the job and off the job training to the corporates and individuals. We understand the needs and requirements of the industry and propose the training programs and the workshops accordingly. These training programs and the workshops increases the productivity of the organisation and blossoms positive energy among workers and the employers in an organisation. For the higher segment we also arrange workshops for CXO level community as a time out from the hectic work narture.

We also conduct stress relief & team building and bonding workshops to motivate the employees to ensure higher productivity for organisation's growth & success.

Networking & Outsourcing

Workfreaks Consultants team practices and believes in business networking. Our team act as a one point contact for merging the required and the needy with the Solutions.

We help the corporates and individuals in the industry and market to connect with each other and acquire mutual benefit. We have tie ups and connection with multiple sectors in the business market which will ensure time saving and quick access to the product and the industry best vendor services required for corporates.